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Guide to VietGAP certification procedures

Post at 16/03/2021

VietGAP standards are regulations on good agricultural practices for agricultural and aquatic products in Vietnam. Meeting the standards and being granted VietGAP certification will help agricultural production and business units increase their value as well as their competitive advantage. So how is the VietGAP certification procedure for the product?
What is VietGAP certification?

VietGAP (Vietnamese Good Agricultural Practices) means: Good Agricultural Practices in Vietnam, issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for each product, product group of cultivation, fisheries, and livestock. .VietGAP is the principles, order and procedures that guide organizations and individuals to produce, harvest and handle after harvest to ensure safety, improve product quality, and ensure social welfare. the health of producers and consumers; at the same time protecting the environment and traceability of production.


Conditions for VietGAP certification

VietGAP is Vietnam’s own set of agricultural standards issued on January 28, 2008. Organizations and enterprises that want to achieve VietGAP certification need to meet the following 4 criteria:

  1. Standard for production techniques.
  2. Food safety standards, including measures to ensure the absence of chemical or physical contamination at harvest.
  3. Working environment standards, the purpose is to prevent the abuse of labor force by farmers.
  4. Product traceability, this standard allows to identify problems from the production to the consumption of the product.huong-dan-thu-tuc-chung-nhan-vietgap


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