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Consulting on registration for certification of cultivation according to VietGAP standards

Post at 31/03/2021

VietGAP certification in cultivation is evidence for businesses to confirm that their fresh fruits and vegetables ensure food safety. Because at present, the situation of food unsanitary, poisoned fruits and vegetables has reached a warning level, causing confusion for consumers, so in order for the fruit and vegetable products to be trusted by consumers, VietGAP should be planted. Cultivation is very urgent.

So how is VietGAP certification registration process? Please follow the article below.

What is VietGAP?

VietGAP (stands for: Vietnamese Good Agricultural Practices) means: Good Agricultural Practices Process in Vietnam, issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for each seafood product and group. production, cultivation and husbandry.

VietGAP is the principle, order and procedures for guiding organizations and individuals to produce, harvest and handle post-harvest in order to ensure safety, improve product quality, ensure safety and social health. . healthy producers and consumers; at the same time protecting the environment and traceability of production.

VietGAP is divided into 3 groups: VietGAP cultivation, VietGAHP livestock, VietGAP fisheries.

What is VietGAP certification for farming?

Growing according to VietGAP standards are requirements in production and preliminary processing to ensure the safety and quality of crop products. In order to improve the quality of crop products to help protect human health and labor safety of producers, improve environmental protection and know the origin.

Objects of applying VietGAP cultivation

VietGAP cultivation standards are applicable to all individuals and organizations at home and abroad that produce, trade and import safe fresh vegetables and fruits in the Vietnamese market. Specifically, VietGAP certification in crop production applies to products such as: root vegetables, fruit vegetables, leafy vegetables, fruits, …

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