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Seek an origin – QR Code

Posted at 16/03/2021

Traceability with the Qr-Code application is not merely scanning the code to receive basic information of the product, but this solution also helps the user to trace back to the deepest origin of the goods. Only through a few simple steps, consumers or managers can capture information of a product. From the production stage, the origin of raw materials, the personnel in charge, … of each stage before reaching the buyers’ hands.

To find out what traceability is ?, and their benefits in today’s society. Invite everyone to read through the article below.

Traceability – What does QR Code mean?

truy-xuat-nguon-goc-qr-codeDùng smarphone để quét mã QR Code

Electronic traceability helps users to trace and find out information about the origin and origin of products, trace back from the place of production, stages, certification in processing, transport and preservation, … through scanning a QR Code (a small square-sized matrix barcode) with a smartphone. Currently on the market, there are many applications of QR Code, in which information retrieval is one of the The application brings many great benefits to the market and society.

However, not all products with QR Code codes also become products with access information, many products have QR Code codes to contain basic information such as: Product name, logo, price, … is not true traceability.

Traceability must ensure important information
  • Product name, price information, volume, quantity, date of manufacture, expiry date.
  • Production diary: Includes standards, certifications (VietGAP, GlobalGAP, ..), methods used to produce, detailed to each time, work and personnel assigned.
  • Shipping and sales log: Locate the product’s location, time, and owner in real time.

In addition, there are many other information that can be updated through traceability that businesses as well as consumers have not fully utilized such as advertising, brand promotion, recall, electronic warranty. , online feedback, …

It can be seen that the smart traceability solution is a comprehensive system that helps the market become more transparent about information, helps consumers to be more intelligent when choosing products and helps managers. easy to capture the market.

Benefits of traceability QR Code

In fact, traceability brings many benefits “seller convenience, convenience of buyer”



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